Viewing Completed Reports and Reports in Progress

This article will review how to search, view and edit completed and reports in progress.

GuardTek allows Supervisors to have real-time visibility over guard reporting. This can be done specifically by using the Logbook and Pending Reports modules 

How to View a Pending Reports

The Pending Reports Module allows supervisors to view reports being revised or awaiting approval from a specific user.  

To view a pending report: 

1. Hover over Pending Reports, select Open Reports Pending Completion. 

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Here you will view all pending reports for a given site.

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How to Find a Pending Report

To find a specific report:

1. Use the Search field to enter text to filter the results only matching that text. This will search all columns displayed. You can also use these options to filter or expand the results displayed:

  • Display all Sites will present Pending Reports across all sites you can access. 
  • All posts of site will present Pending Reports across all posts you have access to under the given site 
  • Refresh every 5 minutes will automatically refresh the page to include new pending reports filed in real-time. 
  • Assigned to me only will narrow search results to include only those assigned to your User ID.

How to Edit a Pending Report

To edit a pending report:

1. If your User ID has permission to Edit and Close Pending reports, there will be a column on the right with a green pencil button.

2023-gt-us-img (198).png

NOTE: Be sure the report is complete before selecting File and Close Report or Submit for Approval as those actions cannot be undone. 

Accessing Completed Reports

The Logbook will allow you to view all completed activities and reports.

To access completed reports:

1. Hover over the Logbook module and click Logbook.

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2. Use the Search Filters on the page's left side to narrow your search to your specifications.

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3. To open a report, simply click on any line item from the table.

This will open a window with the report details and even export using the three options at the top of the page. You can Print, Export a PDF, or send it by Email.

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