2022.03 I Meal and Break Management Time Support, TLM Enhancements, Ease-of-Use Enhancements


What have we been up to?

This release focuses on enhancements to the TLM application.


Our clients with guards located in California must follow the CA Meal & Break law, which imposes penalties if guards do not take their daily meals and breaks on time. Additionally, we are continuing our ongoing effort to ensure key functionalities from our legacy platforms are in Smartforce and to increase the user experience and efficiency within our solution set.



Meal and Break Management Time Support

We integrated the CA meal and break management rules in Smartforce, which included:

  • If enabled for the Business Unit calculate the penalties as 1 hour of regular rate pay per penalty counter
  • Enhance Tour Transaction Detail and Tour Transaction Timesheet By Employee to include meal/break details and penalty counter information. Also, filter by meal and break penalties
  • We made additional UI changes to break management, including making penalties visible on Schedule Show/Edit/Details Pages, adding the ability to set penalty values on Confirm Out/ Confirm Detail, adding indicator icons to denote Meal and Break Penalties, and adding filters for Penalties (Meal and Break)


Employee Portal

We made some ease-of-use updates to the employee portal, including:

  • Make employee number visible in TLM Schedule grid and in Show Detail pop-up
  • Added breadcrumbs in TLM Schedule grid, so they are consistent between views (e.g., Business Unit/ Customer / Location / Position)
  • Performance improvements to calculating billing, cache bypass, as well as notifications
  • Performance improvements on page refreshes, bulk removal, marking notifications read, and employee KPI calculations


We continue to update our TLM functionality, with new enhancements to match our legacy platform, including:

  • Improved Page load speed on Schedule Details and improved performance on updates to employee master records
  • Matching the Default Master to Smartforce from the legacy system (Vision)
  • Enabled to the user changes to the assigned Employee filter flags do not persist in between sessions
  • Fixed it so that absence records affect the TLM employee assignment on the schedule, by showing notification of a schedule conflict will result in an employee being unassigned and will show an error when creating or editing an absence for a calculated week
  • Added an Apply Button to the TLM Schedule grid filters so filters don’t get applied with every change
  • Fixed an issue where drag-and-drop in TLM Schedule grid does not provide an alert for employee not available to work or over daily OT hours (if enabled for Business Unit)
  • Added Employee Profile Picture Management in Smartforce
  • Can be a jpg or png (but stored as a jpg)
  • If there is no picture, an employee Monogram will be shown
  • You can upload during the employee or applicant hiring process and you can crop and scale to fit as needed
  • You can disable this management in legacy and you can remove the picture management in the Employee HR profile Screen.
  • You can add an Employee product picture to the Employee Profile index page




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