2021.05 | Jobvite Integration, TLM Internationalization

This release focuses on the beginnings of TLM internationalization, Our Jobvite Integration, plus a lot of fixes for our customers.


Feature/Application Details
Smartforce International TLM – Phase 1 We have begun the initial phase of building features and functionality to enable international customers to leverage our TLM application in Smartforce. The first part of this project entails adding a validation of UK formatted phone numbers, and future releases will add more address functionality.

Payroll Compliance Updates
Three payroll Compliance updates were made:


  • Added the Q2 2021 941 forms and worksheet
  • Added the Q2 2021 ADP export format
  • Added the Q2 2021 Mastertax export format

Jobvite Integration Phase 2
We’ve now added the additional functionality to our Jobvite integration, enabling clients to add direct deposit account data as part of the information passed over to Smartforce.

Various Fixes and Updates

We also made significant updates and fixes to known issues to further enhance the product, including:

TLM Fixes

  • Fix issue with positions being combined in TLM Schedule at Business Unit level
  • Assign permission to create contacts for a location to a role so it is available to users
  • We fixed the handling of Holiday Default records so holiday dates cannot be altered, holidays are pushed to locations, cascade the deletion of location holidays, added the ability to copy existing holidays to future years and cleaned up the UI on holiday screens
  • Added the option to disable entry of pending punch in time when punching out in mobile if punch in was not previously completed
    System will now perform standard scheduling conflict checks when changing a shift time
  • Fixed the 10-minute rounding rule for time entry
  • Created a 5-minute rounding rule for time entry
  • Enabled a delete functionality in Shift Master
  • Created a screen to show broadcast messages sent with type, method and success/failure with drill-down to see message details
  • Added a TLM Schedule shift Action to clear Check Shift exceptions – effectively a “Confirm Detail” using the best available shift times (actual, scheduled, etc.)
  • Fixed an error with Vision CTTDR report (by adding missing DLST data)
  • Fixed an error when trying to edit invoice due to field size mismatch on employee address

Employee Portal Fixes:

  • Improve security to prevent non-ESS users from resetting passwords of other non-ESS users
  • Fixed an error when trying to save custom groups E, F and G values in Smartforce
  • Fixed a data filter issue where Employee Personal Profile and Employee Company Profile do not honor data filters on role groups
  • Improved the UI when user forgets their login token in mobile to be more intuitive

Employee Fixes:

  • Fixed the error when bulk loading employees who have head of household filing status
  • Updated the hierarchy fields when the Business Unit is changed in Quick Hire
  • Fixed a permissions issue to correctly use employee default values to be assigned during Quick Hire
  • Restored the employee accrual balances and daily time fields in ESS Leave Request screen

Payroll Fixes:

  • Fixed the handling of deductions in Smartforce when 3rd party payee is removed from employee deduction and add actions when editing an employee deduction in a payroll batch to remove/ restore a 3rd party check
  • Created a Sage GL Payroll export
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