2021.06 | TLM Internationalization, Ease of Use, Report Migration

This release focuses on more international TLM, new reports in Smartforce and ease of use enhancements and fixes for our customers.


Feature/Application Details
Smartforce Ease of Use Enhancements We have continued to make changes to Smartforce to ensure better ease of use, including:


  • Reorganizing TLM and Report menus as well as adding a link to help pages
  • Made improvements to the reports screen to:
    • Expand SubCategory by default on index page
    • Separate reports from QB reports
    • Clean up parameter filters
    • Change default for Zero Out Hours if Rate Zero flag to false (not checked)
    • Add complex date picker control
    • Make Execute and Cancel buttons float when scrolling on report Execute screen
    • Display correct Department options based on context
  • Made changes to the TLM Schedule
    • Include split schedules correctly in section hour totals (Contract/Actual)
    • Fix Employee Detail display issues
    • Make terminology for displayed values consistent between screens
    • Add tooltips (hover help) to schedule icons
  • Moved the Change Request menu item from HR menu to Employee menu
  • Fixed an issue where fields are auto-populated incorrectly when creating a user
  • Added the Release History section to Dashboard
  • Removed the NewDivisionalEmployeeRehire action from Employee Profile

Smartforce International TLM – Phase 1
We continue to build out the internationalization of the Smartforce TLM by supporting international addresses on billing invoice templates as well as well as legacy Vision report templates that display address information.

Smartforce Reports added from Legacy System
We have added over 100 reports to Smartforce from the Legacy system, further enabling you to pull more reports. These reports center around:


  • 27 Billing Reports
  • 19 Employee and Customer Reports
  • 5 Incident and Location Reports
  • 13 Operations Reports
  • 9 Management Reports
  • 26 Payroll Reports
  • 14 Schedule and Time and Attendance Reports

Various Fixes and Updates
We have made several other fixes and enhancements, including:


  • Fix issue on TLM Schedule screen where header overlaps mega menu options
  • Honor division setting to allow Confirm In/Out time entry in TLM
  • Fix security issue where new user can perform Administrator actions
  • Limit actions that can be performed by users with ScheduleView role so that they cannot modify TLM schedule data and so they get useful exceptions
  • Fix bad meal duration calculation entering meal times in some instances
  • Fix partial data update resulting from an error during Change Pay Rate and provide a detailed exception message
  • Fix issue with Quick Create (Customer/Location/Post) where values are not being populated from associated defaults
  • Fix issue where employees removed from a schedule are not displayed correctly in the legacy Performance Tracking report
  • Fix configuration error with 10 minute rounding rule
  • Improve session timeout functionality to work regardless of tab focus and complete logout based on elapsed clock time
  • Create role with access to Chauffeur Tax Report so users can run it
  • Fix background job failures when Calculate Billing & Payroll Weeks (Selected) in Scheduled Week screen
  • Correctly support data filters in Employee Personal Profile and Employee Company Profile
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