2021.04 | New Employee Profile, Accrual Updates, Shake for Support

This release focuses on a combination of mobile improvements, some TLM improvements and more ease of use for our customers.


Feature/Application Details
New Consolidated Employee Profile In an effort to make it easer to change employee information within the system, we have finalized the central Employee Profile.


This is a new Menu item that enables all changes to employee information. You can also access employee profiles from any module, and the information will synchronize across the platform:

In addition to this, we also made all the Employee Matrix screens consistent

Compliance Updates
Two payroll Compliance updates were made:


  • Fixed the SQL for a 941 PR field mapping issue
  • Fix DC Tipped Wage report issues with FEIN, company name, UI account number and reporting period to allow file to be submitted

New Mobile “Shake to Get Support”
Our Mobile solution now features the ability to log a support request, simply by shaking your phone. If you wish to make a request – shake the phone, and a dialog will come up with comments on the nature of the request, and a screenshot of the last screen you were on.


Additionally, the system will attach a copy of the application log file to support to better troubleshoot the nature of your request:

Display Permanent and Temporary Employees in Schedule Details
Added to the TLM module is the ability to display both the temporary employee on a shift as well as the permanent employee below. This feature also standardize field names, fixes employee name format (last-first-num) and shows shift Information times in date+time format:


Updates on Accruals
AWe made several updates to the accruals function, including:


  • Allow new accrual earnings to be added to an employee with effective date prior to current date (with option to recalculate balances after adding)
  • Fixed multiple issues that result in erroneous accrual pending payouts, highlight accrual pending payouts in payroll batch and add the ability to manually delete accrual pending payouts
  • Allow editing in Service Calendar in Smartforce when there is accrual history for the earning with option to recalculate accrual balances after change
  • Allow backdating effective date when adding a new Service Calendar with option to recalculate accrual balances

Various Fixes and Updates
We also made significant updates and fixes to known issues to further enhance the product, including:


  • Fixed where default hours are applying when creating payroll batch at work location department level instead of home department level
  • Fixed issue with Customer Analysis Report in Smartforce not returning any data
  • Modified check voiding to correctly handle YTD deductions reversal
  • Added Employee Number column to TLM Employee picker screen
  • Allow split shifts to be removed in Smartforce by adding an “Un-Split” option and a Split filter and fix calculation of Contract Hours to properly handle splits
  • Add ability to toggle TF Sync Enabled flag for multiple Customers as a bulk action
  • Hide the “Day 1”… “Day 7” labels in the Create New Shift screen from Schedule Maintenance for Positions
  • Adjustments to Query Builder views to allow invoice data to be combined with Business Unit rate data
  • Fixed issue with check for locked week on Payroll Adjustments upload
  • Only show Copy Week Before setting at hierarchy levels below Business Unit if the Copy Week Setting From Customer flag is set at the Business Unit level
  • Make “LocationNo” field searchable in Location index screen
  • Track revisions in Audit Trail where not available on some Show pages
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