2022.01 | Integration Updates, Enhanced Reporting Flexibility


What have we been up to?

We’re excited to share that in this release, we’ve focused on ensuring Smartforce is easier to use in some key areas and also further updated the integration between Guardtek and Smartforce



A significant number of customers now take advantage of both our Guardtek and Smartforce platforms and it's important to us that they enjoy a seamless experience across the two. These updates continue to move us towards that goal. Additionally, ease of use improvements are an ongoing goal as we aim to increase the user experience and efficiency within our solution set.



Smartforce & Guardtek Integration Updates

The integration across our solution suite has been enhanced again with the goal of making both setup and ongoing maintenance easier for our customers. These 'quality of life' enhancements revolve around two key features:

  1. Quick Create Customer - For bundled customers, the Guardtek sync is enabled by default when quick creating a customer
  2. Punch Settings - Punch settings will be passed from Smartforce to Guardtek so that if a customer is using Guardtek to punch in/out, they only have to define the settings once!

Enhanced Reporting Flexibility

The addition of 'dotliquid' templates in the Query Builder provides additional flexibility and functionality to Query Builder!

In lay terms, this means that you can format queries, filter in enhanced ways and download results into custom file formats to meet your needs for both reporting and file exports!



We have made several other fixes and enhancements, including:

  • Fix users with ScheduleTimeConfirmation role cannot perform Confirm Detail action due to permissions issue
  • Fix Leave Request Start Date and End Date not displaying correctly issue
  • Do not allow Manual payment method in Off-Cycle and Regular payroll batches
  • Fix Weekly Certified Payroll report to match values on Payroll Register
  • Allow roles SchedulingShiftManagementCreatePermanentShift and SchedulingShiftManagementTemporaryChanges to Create Multi-Shift
  • Show password format requirements when setting password as an Employee Self Service (ESS) user
  • Auto populate regular rates when entering bill or pay Adjustments in TLM Schedule
  • Make sure ESS self-registration process completes in cases where a step in the process results in an error (i.e. all or nothing)
  • Add effective dated Regular Rates screen to Employee Profile
  • Replace Pay Rate Change left-nav collection with Regular Rates
  • Update current employee Pay Rate when Regular Rates are updated (as needed)
  • Add Reason column to Regular Rates template for utility
  • Disable direct updates to employee Pay Rate in Smartforce
  • Update Query Builder views to allow reporting on Regular Rates
  • Do not default address fields when creating a 3rd party payee in the Deductions screen in Employee Profile
  • Fix error when running Employees Scheduled Less Than Hours report
  • Allow non-US clients to enable auto-assign of employee numbers 
  • Make reports ported to Smartforce from Vision archive data aware
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