2021.09 | Enhanced Leave Requests, Ease of Use, Legacy Feature Migration

This release focuses on Leave Request improvements, year end compliance documentation, as well as some enhancements for ease of use.


Feature/Application Details
Enhanced Leave Requests We have made some significant enhancements to the Leave Request process to increase efficiency and user experience:


  • Added hours to leave request start and end date fields
  • Improved employee-manager interaction during submission/approval process
  • Improved manager view of leave requests to make required actions more visible
  • Improved conflict handling between leave requests and with absences
  • Fixed issue with leave requests resulting in payroll adjustments with no Pay Rate
  • Added ability to enable/disable leave request functionality for client and/or employees at client level
  • Improved employee and client leave request index page layout
  • Made leave requests available for reporting in QueryBuilder
  • Improved default leave request hours calculation by taking affected shifts into account

Year end Compliance
We completed our year-end compliance documentation,including:


  • 2021 480 electronic file exports (480.6SP and 480.5)
  • 2021 1099 electronic file export
  • 1099-NEC printed form (Copy A, 3-up)
  • 2021 Form 940/940 Sched. A
  • 2021 Mastertax Q4 update
  • 2021 ADP Q4 update

Smartforce Ease of Use Enhancements
  • Grant permission for billing related actions to required roles that were previously only available to users with AllowAll (“superuser”) role
  • Move Shift and Employee view options in TLM Schedule Grid to main page
  • Reorder TLM Schedule Grid filters and add new “Standout Shifts” section
  • Allow sorting by Invoice Method on Unfinalized Invoices screen
  • Improve configurability of billing emails to add Business Unit settings for:
    • Sender Name – name to show as sender of billing emails
    • Sender E-Mail – email address to show as sender of billing emails
    • Reply E-Mail – email address that may show as reply to address on billing emails – used if provided, otherwise Sender E-Mail is used
    • Return E-Mail – email address that may show as return email address on billing emails – used if provided, otherwise Sender E-Mail is used
  • Improved the rendering of temporary assignments in TLM Schedule grid to differentiate and allow filtering for those with and without permanent assignments

Legacy Feature Migration
We continue to add more legacy features from Vision to the Smartforce application, including:


  • Added additional features for Patrol Posts
    • Support drag & drop in TLM Schedule Grid
    • Prevent changing a patrol post to a tour
    • Fix display of patrol posts in Schedule Instances screen
    • When creating a new week set patrol post confirmed/billable stops to default
    • Fix issue when quick creating patrol posts
    • Support Confirm In and Confirm Out of patrol posts
  • Added the ability to delete and undelete weeks from TLM Schedule

Various Fixes and Updates
We have made several other fixes and enhancements, including:


  • We have changed all references in Smartforce from “Trackforce” to “Guardtek”
  • Allow managers who have no permission to manage employees from another department to confirm those employees if they have already been assigned to a department for which they have permissions
  • Fix issue when Create New week results in employee being assigned to multiple overlapping shifts (e.g.: employee temporarily unassigned from permanent assignment and permanently assigned to another shift in prior week)
  • Fix issue when multi-selecting properties in Reports library view
  • Fix issue in TLM Schedule when displaying split shift Contract and Actual hours
  • Fix issue where accrual KPIs do not appear when employee is active in multiple business units with active accruals in each business unit
  • Fix issue where Qualification filter Is not applied when posting a shift
  • Fix font size making punch action buttons not visible issue in mobile app
  • Fix permissions for roles to access Post Rate Management index screen
  • Make location display only when editing a position master record
  • Fix issue when sorting absence records by end date
  • Fix issue where Zip changes are dropped from address change requests
  • Make Start Date editable when creating a new Customer record
  • Enable Payroll Calculators access for users who can see Payroll mega-menu
  • Fix issue where PDF documents don’t always display the latest version (i.e.: cached copy displays rather than the updated version)
  • TLM-Specific Fixes:
    • Fix issue where Quick Create – Multi Shift results in a rendering error
    • Fix issue where creating an opening on a specific day results in the opening being created in a different day
    • Fix issue where the schedule grid exhibits “glitches” after excessive scrolling up and down when there is a lot of data
    • Fix pivot table error in ESS My Schedule view
  • Made Requested changes to Merrill Lynch outbound file
  • Added “Others Pay” to ADP payroll export
  • Made Requested changes to Merrill Lynch inbound file
  • Fix issue where Calculate Billing background job result is not accurately reflected in UI
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