2021.01 | Billing Module Improvements, Ease of Use

Our first release of the new year, here’s some highlights:


Feature/Application Details
Smartforce Ease of Use Enhancements More enhancements on our ongoing ease of use initiative, focused on:


  • Mobile PDF Viewer: We’ve made it easier to view and download PDFs from a mobile device
  • Canadian TLM Support: Support for Canadian SIN number character sets, and Canadian provinces in State Dropdowns
  • TLM Improvements: fixed alignment and spacing on filters and grouping of similar shifts on the schedule
  • Tour Master: we’ve implemented a tour master functionality to enable quick create and removal of tour information within the Smartforce schedule

TLM Billing Module Improvements
We’ve gone back to billing and made a few enhancements:


  • Corrected Sender address on Invoices not showing up in emails
  • Enhanced Rendering on finalized invoices
  • Fixed some saving errors on TLM Billing adjustments
  • Added Reset AR flags to enable exported invoices to be re-exported
  • Fixed a few validation errors on creating bi-weekly payroll batches
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