Adding a Distribution List in GuardTek

In this article, we will review how to add a distribution list.

  • How to Add a Distribution List

How to Add a Distribution List

To add a distribution list:

1. Log onto the GuardTek web portal as an Admin or Supervisor.

2. Hover over the Settings module and click the Distribution list option.

2023-gt-us-img (581).png

3. Click the green Add a List button at the upper right-hand corner of the page. 

2023-gt-us-img (583).png

4. Name and create the distribution list. 

2023-gt-us-img (584).png

Name (1)

Give the distribution list an identifying name.

Recipient is (2)

Click the drop-down menu and select a GuardTek User or Other Contact.

2023-gt-us-img (585).png

Recipient's Address (3)

Click the drop-down menu and click on the recipient's name, along with their email address, that you want to add to the distribution list.  

2023-gt-us-img (586).png

Email (4)

When you select a Recipient's Address from the drop-down menu, their email will automatically populate the Email field. 

Actions (5)

Click the green plus icon 2023-gt-us-img (582).png in the Actions column to add additional recipients to the distribution list. 

2023-gt-us-img (580).png

5. Continue this process until the full number of recipients has been added to the distribution list.  Once the list has been built, click the green Save button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. 

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