Understanding GuardTek User Roles and Permission Levels

This article will define the User Roles and Permission Levels and share some customized examples.


User Roles 

User's Role will determine the features, settings, and data the user can access. 

All new Guardtek accounts will start with three default user roles:

1. Officer:  The Officer role is designed for your primary data collectors (Guards/workers). 

An Officer has all the basic rights necessary to use a device (Computer, tablet, or phone) for data collection.  

The "No remote access" option means they must use authorized devices only. 

2. Supervisor: The Supervisor role is designed for your system managers.  

A Supervisor has access to the Settings tab and additional rights for quick access from any internet-connected computer. 

3. Client: The Client role is designed for clients and other customer representatives  

A Client has basic viewing rights only. 

A Client has no access to the collection or management of data. 


NOTE: You can customize a User Role to include a more descriptive title for a GuardTek User. 

For example, many Users add custom Users such as Dispatcher or Site Manager:

2023-gt-en-mpost-user_management-user_management-understand_roles_permissions (4).png

  • Other roles are available upon request. Please contact your Customer Success Specialist.  


Permission Levels

A User's Permission Level creates a hierarchy of User Management, controlling who a User is authorized to view and manage.  

A User's Permission Level will allow them to view other Users on GuardTek with an equal or lesser permission level.

For example, a Supervisor at level 30 can view all Users on the platform who have a level 30 and below, but he cannot view the site administrator with a higher permission level. 

Top-level users at Permission Level 90 will be added to all new sites created automatically. 


2023-gt-en-mpost-user_management-user_management-understand_roles_permissions (3).png


Customizing User Roles

GuardTek's ability to be highly customizable is one of its strongest suits. That includes user roles and groups.

Any role or group has basic rights that can be adjusted to fit your business needs and objectives.  

For example – we can create an "Admin Officer Group" that has the right to view and manipulate items within the solution, like creating tours – when normally, officers are not granted those types of permissions.

Just keep in mind that your Success Specialist handles all these customizations. 

2023-gt-en-mpost-user_management-user_management-understand_roles_permissions (2).png

If you want to ask more about changing user groups/roles - please don't hesitate to contact your Success Specialist or our Support team at support@trackforce.com

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