Assign an NFC badge to a visitor for faster check-in and check-out

This article will review how to assign NFC badges to visitors for faster check-in and check-out.

NOTE: This feature is only available with an M-POST license, and you need to have visitor profiles already created under the Visitors Check-In Registration form in Settings.


How to assign a Visitor badge for Check-In 

To assign a Visitor badge for check-in:

1. In M-POST secondary menu, go to Visitors

2. Click on Plus Sign to start a new check-in.

3. Select your Visitor Type.

4. Complete your visitor's details.


Once this option is completed, the Visitor Tag option becomes available.



5. Scan the NFC card you want to assign to the visitor.

6. Complete your visitor's details as applicable and select Save to complete the check-in.


How to use an NFC badge for check-out

To use an NFC Badge for check-out:

1. Scan the visitor badge on either the main or the visitor's check-out- pages to validate their check-out.

2. Scanning the NFC ID card automatically selects the visitor in the system.


3. Click Save to complete the check-out.

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