Release notes for August 2023

Learn about our most recent features and fixes.

What’s new ✨

Hot and fresh, here’s what’s new at GuardTek:

Report filing restrictions based on role

We’ve built greater control over what’s visible and accessible to specific user roles while keeping the information hidden from others. Fields irrelevant to a particular role won’t be completed in error, increasing accuracy and efficiency. 

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Lone Worker Protection Alerts – Message to the nearest guard 

We’ve added a drop-down in the command center to expand the radius to search for additional staff to respond to the alert. This will improve dispatcher efficiency while responding to guards in distress. 

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CSV export of GuardTek QR code IDs 

We’ve made it easier for you to manage and generate GuardTek QR codes by allowing you to export a CSV file containing serial numbers that you can use to generate QR codes to print yourself or share with a vendor. 

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GuardTek Core EMEA 

We’ve created a new, more affordable SMB product that offers GuardTek’s core features while allowing businesses to add more functionality as they grow. This helps us compete with new SMB security vendors and attract new leads in EMEA. (Requested by our sales team)

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