2022.05 | Visitor Mode Reports, Recipient List Display



What have we been up to?

In this release we’ve added two new ease of use features related to the Report module. The first one to allow a Post user to open an Activity Report and transfer it to a mPost session, the second one to display the list of all notified contacts in reports’ automatic notifications.



Visitor Mode Reports


Aimed at helping receptionists equipped with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to welcome visitors. The officer/attendant can initiate an activity report and then assign it to the device's user. mPost will then open the pending report immediately so that the visitor can complete the required fields himself: signature, name, surname...


What did we do?

This is an opt-in feature; 3 simple steps are required to activate this mode:

  1. Reports should be left open for further completion
  2. The Visitor mode should be active
  3. Reports should be assignable.



We'll illustrate here the most common usage when the reception post is equipped with a PC and a mobile device (tablet) to welcome visitors:

  1. From Post, the receptionist opens a new Report from Activities
  2. Receptionist can fill some fields (Name, Surname, Company, ...) and then click on Submit for Follow-up Assign agent in the menu.
  3. A tile appears and lists all Post's users. Select the user (fictive or not) connected to the mPost app on the tablet and click on Save.
  4. This will instantly display this Report on the screen of the user's mPost.
  5. The visitor can then fill required field and save Report by closing it.

This feature is currently available for mPost Android only.


Recipient List Display


The goal is to know the recipients list of a same Report, avoiding transferring the Report to someone who already received it.


What did we do?

Located under Settings Account Settings Preferences tab

Look for the option called “Include recipient list on email” and simply activate it.




From now on, each notified Reports (based on your Reports configuration) will display all notified recipients at the bottom of the page.

If you are interested in this feature, ask your Customer Support Manager to give you the corresponding user right.


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