2022.03 | Conditional Incident Report Answers, Pre Defined Reports, Shift Geofence Constraints


What have we been up to?

We’re excited to share that in this release, we’ve focused on reporting within Guardtek; both for the officers in the field completing incident reports, and for the supervisors and customers receiving Daily Activity and Summary reports. Additionally, we enhanced the Geofence constraint when clocking in and out for shifts.


Flexibility and ease of use are two core components of what we do! Conditional reporting allows you to keep your incident reports simple and only display additional questions as needed. Pre Defined reports mean you can setup automated reports even quicker and keep real estate usage on the page to a minimum making them much easier to read and digest!



Conditional Answers in Incident Reports 

The ability to define conditional fields within your incident and activity reports. Let's take an example; if a guest falls on site you will likely need to file an incident report. If that fall is serious and requires medical attention, further data including hospital records may well be required. With this new feature, now you can hide the additional hospital info behind a 'yes/no' question and only show it when its required!




Note: Android MPost Only

Pre Defined (Rapid) Reports

We've release two pre-defined reports to aid with ease of setup for new customers and also with the goal of reformatting our reports to consume less real estate on the page for summary reports when they are sent by email.

    • Daily Activity Reports
      • PDF Report
  • mceclip0.png
    • Checkpoints Timeline
      • PDF & CSV Reports

Please connect with your account manager to switch these reports on, once complete, you can find these new reports under 'Reporting Tool -- Rapid Reports.'



Shift Geofence Constraint

The feature has always provided the ability to define a proximity constraint for guards who are clocking in to start their shift. As an example, you must be within 50m of a particular GPS location (work) before you can start your shift.

We've enhanced this to allow this constraint to be configured as either a soft constraint (can be overridden) or a hard constraint (must be adhered to). This allows customers the flexibility where required for certain states and locations where punch restrictions are stricter!

Account Settings - Refactored Page

We continue to refactor and upgrade pages across Guardtek to reflect a more modern design and the account settings page is the latest example of that. This allows us to not only update the design but improve load times and overall usability as a result!



Various minor fixes.

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