2022.02 | Course Management & Training Anomalies


What have we been up to?

In this release we've enhanced our course management and training anomalies to add value to the job skills section and employee profile. This includes a new page to see all training anomalies and manage them accordingly


Its incredibly important to know that all of your team are certified and trained to work the roles they are being scheduled for - these enhancements assist in ensuring that is the case and also improve the ease of use of this section of the Guardtek solution.



Course Management & Training Anomalies

This update adds enhancements to the Job Skills and Training modules. 

  • Several filters have been added to the course management pages to narrow down the search by user, user groups and role  
  • A pop up to add courses has been implemented 
  • A new page called Training Anomalies V2 has been created allowing users to manage discrepancies related to courses, organize descriptions and upload courses certificates 
  • Participants of training courses can be added from m-Post (Android Only) via the Training Anomalies V2 page 



Various minor fixes.

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