Converting CSV Excel Files (.csv) to Excel Workbook Format (.xlsm)

In this article, we will go over how to convert a comma-separated value (CSV) file to an Excel Workbook 

All GuardTek Excel files are in CSV format. To convert to an Excel Workbook format, follow these guidelines.

Select Column A on the file. Go to Data Text To Columns

2023-gt-en-guardtek-automatic_reporting-reporting_set-up-csv_to_xlsm (1).png

Choose Delimited and click Next 

2023-gt-en-guardtek-automatic_reporting-reporting_set-up-csv_to_xlsm (2).png

Tick box Semicolon and click Next

2023-gt-en-guardtek-automatic_reporting-reporting_set-up-csv_to_xlsm (3).png

Click Finish on the last screen

2023-gt-en-guardtek-automatic_reporting-reporting_set-up-csv_to_xlsm (4).png

Information is now displayed in an Excel Workbook format

2023-gt-en-guardtek-automatic_reporting-reporting_set-up-csv_to_xlsm (5).png

If saving the file, SAVE AS and change the format to .xlsm. Otherwise, it will not save any changes you made.

2023-gt-en-guardtek-automatic_reporting-reporting_set-up-csv_to_xlsm (6).png


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