Assigning an Activity Template to a Tour Checkpoint

This article will review how to assign a template to an NFC tag or QR Code.

When an Activity Template is linked to a tour checkpoint, the user scanning the checkpoint will be required to complete the report to complete the checkpoint. Any reports filed on tour will also be grouped and displayed in the full Tour Report 

How to Assign a Template to an NFC Tag or QR Code

To assign a template to an NFC tag or QR code:

1. Navigate to the Tour of your choice by selecting Settings Tours

2. Open the Tour by selecting the Edit icon, then scroll down to the Tags section.  

3. Select the Edit icon for the appropriate tag


4. Select the Activity Template from the Linked Report section. Make sure to select Add to save your selection.  2020-06-12_07-19-32.png

These templates will populate automatically when the tour tag is scanned after syncing the device.  

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