Disable, Enable, Copy, Merge, or Delete Existing Tours

In this article we'll go over how a Supervisor can disable, enable, copy, merge and delete existing Tours. 

All these actions must be accessed by going to the Guardtek web portal:

1. Hover over the Settings tab and click Tours.


How to Disable and Enable a Tour

On the Tours page go to the Status column. 

If the Tour is disabled it will display as an X in a red circle.  When a tour is disabled, it will not display for the guard on mPost or Guardtek.net.

If the Tour is enabled it will display as a check-mark in a green circle.

To change the Status of a Tour:

1. Click on the Status icon. 

2. Clicking the X in a red circle (disabled) will change it to a check-mark in a green circle (enabled).

3. Clicking the check-mark in a green circle (enabled) will change it to a X in a red circle (disabled).


How to Copy a Tour

To copy a Tour:

1. Check the box of the Tour you want to copy in the far right icon column, then click the green paper copy icon.

2. On the Tours to Copy pop-up page check the box of the Tour Name you want to copy from. 

3. (Optional) Check the Use same name box above the check box column. If you opt not to do this, the Tour name will include the site from which it originated. 


4. Click the green Enter button at the bottom right-hand corner.



How to Merge Tours

To merge two or more Tours into a new Tour:

1. Check the boxes of the Tours you want to merge in the far right icon column then click the green bullet points merge icon.

2. The new merged Tour will default to a Tour Name that is a combination of the merged Tours.  You can edit the new Tour and rename it.


Please keep in mind that the this action will not remove the original Tours, but rather create a new Tour. 

PRO-TIP: This is a good idea when you have multiple Tours that do not take very long and you would like to make them a singular Tour without having to recreate the Tours.

How to Delete a Tour

To delete a Tour:

1. Check the box of the Tour you want to delete in the far right icon column.

2. Click the green trashcan icon.




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