Adding a Tour Using the m-Post App (Android)

In this article we will go over how to add a tour using the m-Post app on an Android device.


image (5).png

Select the "Menu" (image (3).png)


image (4).png

Select "Add Tour" (image (6).png)


image (10).png

Enter a Tour Name. Scan a Tag.

NOTE: To use QR Codes, please see this article for more information Adding a QR Code as a Tour Checkpoint


image (8).png

The tag information will be displayed.  To change the tag name.


image (7).png

Tap the "Tag Information"


image (9).png

Enter Tag Name


image (12).png

Continue adding tags until you have a complete tour.

When complete,

image (11).png

Select "Add Tour"


Click here to adjust the tour parameters.


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