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Edit Tour Settings

Click "Edit" () in the Edit column.


Select or enter the appropriate information in to the entry fields, then click "Save".


Tour Details

Tour Name: Name of tour

Category: The category of the tour. A way to group them for easier searching in the Reporting Tool. You may select a type from the pull down menu or create a new one by clicking “-- New Type –“, then adding the new type in to the text box.

Duration: The maximum allotted time for the tour (hh:mm)

Grace Period: For scheduled tours only. This creates an allowable time range to start the tour.
Example: A tour scheduled to start at 1200 and with a 15 minute Grace Period will need to be started between 1200 and 1215.

On screen instructions: Instructions for the user to read just before starting the tour.

Tour System: The tour system being used.

  1. Active Guard = ActiveGuard Wand Device
  2. Legacy = Used for discontinued legacy controllers.
  3. M-Post/Sonim = Android Devices and Patrol (Sonim) devices
  4. None = No tour device used for this tour (for Post)

Minimum # of tags for Complete Tour: The minimum number of unique tags that need to be scanned for the system to mark the tour as ‘complete’.

Activate GPS Position (for each tag): When "Yes" is selected, will record the GPS position when each tag is scanned, adding it to the tour report.

Last Updated by: This will indicate the last user to make changes to this Tour, and the date and time in which he made them.


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