Adding a Tour with QR Codes on an Android Device

This article will review how supervisors can enable the QR Code reader function, verify the location, and add a tour with QR Codes on an Android device.


How to Enable the QR Code Reader Function

Before you add a Tour with QR Codes on an Android device, you must ensure your Android device has Enable QR Code turned on.

To enable the DR Code reader function:

1. Log onto the m-Post app. 

2. Tap on the Menu icon at the top left.

2023-gt-en-tours-adding-android_qr (4).png

3. Tap on Settings.

  2023-gt-en-tours-adding-android_qr (8).png

4. Check the Enable QR Code box

2023-gt-en-tours-adding-android_qr (3).png

NOTE: Before using QR Codes at your location, please ensure the setting is enabled on each device you plan to use.

How to Verify or Change the Location

Ensure you are logged into the location where you want to create the tour.

Your location will show up at the top of the screen.

If you need to change your location:

1. Tap on the Menu button next to the location name.

2. Tap on Change Site and select the location where you wish to add the tour. 

NOTE: Please contact your Success Specialist or our support team if you cannot see this feature.


2023-gt-en-tours-adding-android_qr (7).png


How to Add a Tour with QR Codes on an Android Device

To add a Tour:

1. Tap on the Menu icon.

2. Tap on Add Tour.

2023-gt-en-tours-adding-android_qr (2).png

3. Create a name for the tour in the Assign a Tour Name field and then click on the QR Code icon at the bottom right:

2023-gt-en-tours-adding-android_qr (1).png

4. Clicking the QR Code icon will open the device camera and allow you to scan your first QR Code. 

NOTE: You can turn on the device flashlight by tapping the flashlight icon below the scan window.

You can also use the device's autofocus feature by tapping the green ACTIVATE AUTOFOCUS button at the bottom of the screen. 

2023-gt-en-tours-adding-android_qr (5).png

Once the QR Code is successfully scanned, the checkpoint tag will appear under the Assign a Tour Name.  

5. Tap the serial number to access the qwerty keypad and rename the checkpoint tag to something specific and meaningful. For example, "QR Code Door Check."

2023-gt-en-tours-adding-android_qr (6).png

6. You can continue adding multiple QR Code checkpoints by following the same steps until all your tags are added to the tour.

7. Once all of your QR Codes have been added, tap the green Add Tour button, and the tour is now ready to be used at this location.


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