m-Post User Training - Adding and Editing Notes or Comments (Android)

In this article we will go over how to add a note or comment. 

There are several areas in the m-Post app that you will have the opportunity to add a note or comment.  (i.e. Tours, DAR reports, Task Requests, etc.)  Whichever m-Post function you are using the note or comment option will be designated with the same pencil icon and the word EDIT or TEXT.

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How to Add a Note or Comment 

To add a comment / note:

1. Tap on the pencil icon Text/EDIT button and a comment box will display.

NOTE: Depending on the m-Post reporting option you are using the size of the comment box will vary.

2. Tap the pop-up COMMENT box type in your comment or note.


3. Tap the green SAVE button.


NOTE:  In some of the m-Post reporting options the pencil icon TEXT or EDIT button will display as the pencil icon with VIEW once a note or comment has been added.


The pencil icon VIEW means that you can edit the note or comment.


How to Edit a Note or Comment

To edit a Note or Comment:

1. Tap the pencil icon VIEW button.


2. Add to or Edit your original comment.


3.  Tap the green SAVE button.


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