m-Post User Training - Post Orders (Android)

In this article we will go over how to view new, unread, and standing post orders as well as how to search for a post order.

How to View All Post Orders

To view all post orders:

1. Tap on the purple POST ORDERS button.


2. Tap on the post order you would like to review.

NOTE: You may need to scroll down the page in the case of several Post orders.

Post Orders with an  ACKNOW1.PNG  icon have been previously acknowledged and Post Orders with a Star.png icon have not been acknowledged yet.




How to View New (Unread) Post Orders

To view new (unread) post orders:

1. Tap on the New Post Orders card at the top of the app home page.


2. Tap on the new post order you would like to review.

NOTE: Existing Post Orders that have not been viewed yet are marked by a green star to the left of the Post Order name.

In this example let's take a look at the new Storm Weather Warning post order.


3. The new Post Order will display (1).


4. Once the new Post Order has been read tap the green ACKNOWLEDGE button at the bottom (2).

5. A confirmation bubble - Order acknowledged will appear briefly and then disappear.


7. Once the confirmation bubble - Order acknowledged disappears tap on the < back icon





How to Search for Post Orders

To search for post orders:

1. Tap on the purple POST ORDERS button.


2. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top right hand corner of the screen.



3. On the Search page the magnifying glass will change to a checkmark.

4. If you know the name of the Post order you want to view you can tap on the Search post orders (1) field check box to type in the name of the post order you want to search for.



NOTE: Your search parameters will default to a checkmark in all 3 options, New Post Orders, Category and by Post Order Type.

5. If you do not know the name of the post order you are looking for you can narrow your search by tapping on a Post Order type checkbox (2) and unselecting specific types from your search parameter, leaving only the Post order types you want to search for. 

For example, if you wanted to search for Safety Post Orders only, you would tap on the Security checkbox to uncheck it and then tap the checkmark in the upper right hand corner where the magnifying glass was.

6. Tap on the Post Order you wish to review.


7. The Post Order will display.


8. Once the post orders have been reviewed you can select the back < icon or the device's back icon or button BACKBU1.PNG until you return to the Main Screen.


NOTE: You can pinch and pull with 2 fingers to zoom in and out or select the Zoom Out icon ZoomOUt.png (2) and Zoom in icon ZoomIn.png (2) to view the post orders better.


How to PDF Attachments on Post Orders

NOTE: This applies ONLY if a post order was entered as a PDF by a System Supervisor.

To view a post order as a PDF:

1. Tap on the purple POST ORDERS button.


2. Tap on the selected Post Order.

3. Tap the secondary green VIEW PDF button.


NOTE: You will require a PDF viewer on your device.  You will likely be prompted to choose which app you use to view a PDF file.

4. The PDF will be displayed in the device’s default PDF app.


5. Once the Post Orders have been reviewed tap the back button or icon BACKBU1.PNG on your device until you return to the Main Screen.


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