Use the Automatic Scoring with Custom Drop-down List

Reports' Automatic Scoring option allows to transform Activity Reports in autonomous scoring grid. Each Custom Drop-down List Element, linked to a scoring list, in such Templates will be considered as questions and list will provide 4 possible answers:

  1. Pass (100%)
  2. Fail (0%)
  3. NA (ignored in total score)
  4. Partial (50%)

With this system Guardtek will directly give a score in % and a conclusion with the set up limit: Pass or Fail.

NOTE: we advise to first read the article on how to use Custom Drop-down List.


Step 1: Create a Scoring Custom Drop-down List

1. Go to Settings menu and open Saved drop-down List page.

2. Make sure you are on the right Site in the upper right corner.

3. From the list click on Add a new drop-down List in upper right corner.

4. Give a name for this new list (ex: Scoring) and activate Automatic scoring list box.
This will create 4 lines, renamable. Order will always be 1- Pass, 2- Fail, 3- NA and lastly 4- Partial.

5. Click on Save to validate your creation and save this scoring list.


Step 2: Transform Elements into Automatic Scoring Questions

1. Open the Settings menu and then Event Management page.


2. Create a new Report Template or edit an existing one.

3. Open Template options with the gear icon in upper right corner.

4. Activate the Automatic scoring question:

5. And use the new field Score threshold to define a minimum percentage required to pass inspection. And finally click on Enter to close this frame.

6. A new Score Element is added at the bottom of the Template.

7. Use now the only 2 types of Elements recognised by this system to establish your scoring Report: Yes/No fields (Yes=100%, No=0%) and Custom Drop-down List fields (by selecting the list you created at step 1, here named Scoring).
Other Elements are not taken into account for final score.


8. Don't forget to Save Form to make it usable.


In example here over a Supervisor can use this Report to fill an inspection of an officer:

  • 3 direct questions with simple Yes or No answer.
  • 2 open questions (not written to make this Report more universal) with a scoring system based on a scoring drop-down list.

The 100% will here be divided in 5, each question representing 20% avec final result.
Note: if for the 2 open questions Supervisor selects "NA" (question is irrelevant for officer) officer could still reach 100% as those 2 answers are ignored for calculation.


To see the result of a completed Scoring Report, consult how to review Scoring Report Result.

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