Understanding the difference between Incident and Activity

This article explains differences between Activity Reports and Incident Reports and some directives to help you determine best option for your operations.

Activity Scheduling
Reports Display
Best option for your Operations



Our system allows creation and customization of Activity and Incident Reports from 2 distinct pages/tabs, to then provide your teams to fill them according the situation.

These Reports can be used to track any situation: from a simple daily task to the major critical security breach incident, anything can be predefined!

2 major differences exist:

1. The option to schedule an Activity Report.

2. The look of an Activity Report slighly differs from an Incident.


Activity Scheduling

Activity Reports can be scheduled on a scheme to be defined.
Where on the other hand an Incident Report can't due to their unpredictability.

These scheduled Activity Reports are located on the Scheduled Report page under the Pending Reports menu on Post and they generate a tile on mPost main screen 15 minutes before planned time. 


Reports Display

From the Logbook Activity Reports are displayed with NEW ACTIVITY on a blue ribbon.


Where Incident Reports use a red ribbon.



Best option for your Operations

Activity Reports can be used for regular, usual situations.
For instance:

  • Inspections
  • Daily Reports
  • Equipment Checks
  • I/O Registers

Where Incidents suits more for impredictable events and hazardous situations.
For instance:

  • Parking Violations
  • Slip/Fall
  • Electrical Defect
  • Vandalism
  • Gaz leak
  • Theft
  • Intrusion
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