Allowing the Pending status for a Report

1. Go to Settings menu and open Activity Templates (or Incident Templates), making sure you're on the right Site in the upper right corner.

2. From the list click on the pencil icon on the right in Edit column for the Template you want to adapt.
This will re-open the form editor.


3. In the Form Builder click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner to access Template options.

4. Activate here the slider Allow S.O to use "Standby Mode":.

5. Its activation will show another field right under it Maximum time in Pending status.  

This field (optional) allows you to limit the duration, in days, for how long a Report can be left open (or Pending), meaning waiting for further completion.

Furthermore this setting can be used to set a notification in case of late closure.


All Reports left open by the redactor are listed on the Open Reports Pending Completion page under Pending Reports menu.

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