Linking a Post Order to a Checkpoint


This article will review how to link a Post Order to a Checkpoint. 

This will allow officers quick access to relevant information that may be too long to fit in the checkpoint Comments / Instructions field.

Including instructional videos or PDFs may also be useful if, for example, the officer may need to pull up a user manual for a nearby machine or access codes to doors or gates. 

NOTE: A Post Order needs to have already been created to use this feature.

For a review of how to add a post order, please see the Resource Center article, Adding a Post Order.


How to Link a Post Order to a Checkpoint

To link a post order to a checkpoint:

1. Log into the GuardTek web portal as a Supervisor.

2. Hover over the Settings tab and click the Tours option in the drop-down.

2023-gt-en-mpost&post-post_orders-managing-linking_to_checkpoint (1).png

4. Click the green pencil icon in the Edit column.

2023-gt-en-mpost&post-post_orders-managing-linking_to_checkpoint (2).png

5. On the Tour Details page, scroll down to the Tags section and click the green pencil icon in the Trashcan column.

2023-gt-en-mpost&post-post_orders-managing-linking_to_checkpoint (3).png

6. Click on the Post Order drop-down menu and select the Post Order you want to link to the Checkpoint.

2023-gt-en-mpost&post-post_orders-managing-linking_to_checkpoint (4).png

7. Click the green Add button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.




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