Copying an Instruction or Post Order

This article will review how the Instructions or Post Orders are managed under the Instructions / Post Orders menu on the GuardTek portal.

How to Copy an Instruction or Post Order

How to Copy an Instruction or Post Order

To copy an instruction or post order:

1. Hover over the Instructions module and click Add new Instruction

2023-gt-en-mpost&post-post_orders-managing-copying (1).png

2. Select desired instruction

Click Copy Icon

2023-gt-en-mpost&post-post_orders-managing-copying (2).png

3. Select Post (s) and click Update to save changes

Check the checkbox option, Use same name if you want to keep the same instruction name

2023-gt-en-mpost&post-post_orders-managing-copying (3).png

4. Syndicate the device(s)


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