Managing the Dashboard Sharing Feature

In this article we will go over who can share a dashboard page, how to share a dashboard page, and the viewing options for a dashboard page(s) shared with a user.

NOTE: Only one selected page can be shared at a time.  If you want to share multiple pages you will need to repeat the same How to Share a Dashboard Page steps for each page you want to share.

Who Can Share a Dashboard Page?

The Dashboard Sharing feature allows authorized users (based on role rights) to share a dashboard page(s) with other users of the application.

Only authorized users have the option to share a Dashboard page.  These authorized users are Admin and Supervisors.

NOTE: If you don’t know if you are an authorized user and have the rights to share a dashboard page you will not see the sharing option if you are not.


How to Share a Dashboard Page

To share a dashboard page:

1. Log on to the Guardtek web portal as an authorized users (Admin, or Supervisors).

2. From the dashboard page select the page you wish to share.


3. Click on the Dashboard icon.


4. Click on the “menu” icon (right top corner).


5. Click on the Share page with drop down menu option.


NOTE: In the Shared Dashboard Page With: pop up window , you will see the list of all users sharing at least one of the same sites as you as noted by a checkmark the Shared column.


6. To find a user, you can scroll through the alpha numeric list of users or you can type in the user name  in the Search field.

Using the Search option will search the following columns:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Username


NOTE: Personal data has been hidden for privacy reasons

7.  Click on the checkbox in the Shared column of of each user you want too share the page with, and then click the blue SAVE button at the bottom right hand corner. 


8. To verify who the page is shared with, toggle the Show All Shared button the the right (on position). 



Viewing a Shared Dashboard Page

If pages are shared with you, you will be able to select a location and find the shared dashboard page in your dashboard view.

Shared pages can identified with the (Shared by xxxxxxxxxx).  

In this example the dashboard page was Shared by Support TRACKFORCE:



NOTE: Only the owner of the page can​ modify the setup of the dashboard page or any​ widget (view only mode).

Even though you will not be able to edit a dashboard page that has been shared with you, the data of each widget will still be available to you.

The view of shared pages are​ automatically adapted based on your user​ rights.

For example: If you share a Dashboard page that contains data of a site that recipient does not have access to, that site info will not be accessible to the recipient

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