The Command Center - The Devices Module

In this article we will go over how to access the devices module and explain its filters and columns. 

How to Access the Devices Module

To access the devices module:

1. Log onto the GuardTek web page as a Supervisor.

2. Click the Command Center icon at the right hand side of the page.

2023-gt-us-img (350).png

3. This will bring up a secondary header of modules. 

NOTE: You can use the View last drop down box to select a specific time frame you want to view device activity for:

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4. Click on the Devices module:

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Device Module Filters and Columns Explained

Clicking on the devices module will give you access to 9 columns that you can view information for the devices being used:

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Connected (1)  In the connected column you can immediately see if the device is connected or disconnected by the signal strength icon shown:
2023-gt-us-img (351).png
A red signal icon with a red slash through it means the device is disconnected and a green signal strength icon means the device is connected.
NOTE: If you hover your cursor over the icon it will also say disconnected or connected.
Battery Level (2)  In the battery level column you can immediately what the devices battery life is.
2023-gt-us-img (348).png
A green battery icon typically is 67% - 100% battery life left.
A yellow battery icon typically is 21% - 66% battery life left.
A red battery icon typically is 0% - 20% battery life left.
NOTE: If you hover your cursor over a battery icon the exactly battery life will display.
Device Name (3)   In the device name column you can view the name the device was given when the device was set up in GuardTek.
Active Alarm (4)  The active alarm column shows the time the active lone worker alarm is set for.
Site (5)  The site column will display all the property locations in alpha-numeric order by default.  It also has a drop down so that you can sort in inverse order, select to view the devices on a single property or select all / none to edit your search:
2023-gt-us-img (354).png
Officer (6)  In the officer column you can the officer the device has been assigned or if it unassigned.
Phone (7)  In the phone column you can see the phone number of the device.  In some cases the device will say none, such as with a WiFi only device (no data plan).
Latest Test (8)  In the latest test column the test on the Command Center refer to Lone Worker Protection alerts, not device connectivity.
2023-gt-us-img (353).png
To test the Lone Worker Protections, they have to be enabled on the device first (see Add Lone Worker Protections).
Once they are enabled, synchronize the device, select the Menu and you should see Test LWP.
You will go though a series of test to confirm the sensors are responding correctly. 
Latest Test Result (9)  In the latest test result column you can view the latest Lone Worker Protection alerts test results.
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