Registering a New m-Post License for an Android Device

This article will review how to download the m-Post App and register a new m-Post license for an Android device. We will also cover how to enter the serial number properly.

NOTE:  The ability to add a new valid device license is reserved for accounts billed by User, not by Device.

To add this feature, please call 1(845)474-0033 ext. 3 to reach our sales department and discuss adjusting your contract for Billing by User.

To change the device associated with an existing license, please refer to the Resource Center article, Replace Equipment.

How to Download the m-Post App for an Android Device and Get the Device ID

Before registering a new m-Post license, you must download the m-Post App on the Android device you want to register and get the Device ID Number.

To download the m-Post App on an Android device:

1. Go to the Google Play Store.

2023-gt-us-img (532).png

2. Use the Search option and Type: "m-post" in the search field and find the m-Post app.

3. Tap the INSTALL button for the m-Post App. 

4. Once the m-Post App has been downloaded, you can tap the OPEN button, which will take you to the login screen.

2023-gt-us-img (533).png

5. The m-Post App will show the Device ID Number above and to the right of the Login field:

2023-gt-us-img (534).png


How to Register a New m-Post License for an Android Device

To register a new m-Post license for an Android device:

1. Log onto your Guardtek web portal

2. Select the location drop-down menu at the upper right-hand corner to select the location to which you want to Register the Android device.

2023-gt-us-img (537).png

3. Once the correct Location has been verified or selected, hover over the Settings module and click on Equipment.

2023-gt-us-img (535).png

4. Click the Add Equipment button on the right-hand side:

2023-gt-us-img (527).png

5. In the Details box click the Equipment drop-down and select Guardtek License

2023-gt-us-img (536).png

Once Guardtek License has been selected, the Details box will include an Equipment Type drop-down.

6. In the Equipment Type drop-down box, select m-Post License.

2023-gt-us-img (528).png

7.  Name the Android device something that's easily identifiable.  For example, the type of Android device, the person using the Android device, the location where the Android device will be used, or another personal preference.

8. Next, type the Device ID Number in the Serial Number field.  Do NOT use spaces.

2023-gt-us-img (539).png

9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Create button:

2023-gt-us-img (531).png

The Android device will now appear on the Equipment page as a Registered m-Post License

2023-gt-us-img (538).png

NOTE: The Android device will stop displaying the Device ID Number and instead display the assigned Location and Device Name on the login screen:

2023-gt-us-img (529).png

The m-Post license is now registered on the Android device.


How to Properly Enter the Serial Number

When obtaining the Device ID Number, you will notice that the typical 15-digit number is broken into groups and contains spaces between the numbers.

It is extremely important that when entering the serial number in the Equipment section, you do NOT include spaces:

2023-gt-us-img (540).png

Remove all spaces when entering the Device ID / Serial Number:

2023-gt-us-img (530).png


NOTE: The serial number can sometimes contain upper and lower case letters.  Whenever upper or lower cases are included, they MUST be entered in the equipment section just as they appear on the device.  

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