Troubleshooting A Device Becomes Unregistered

In this article we will go over how to troubleshoot a device becoming unregistered.

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Normally in the past registering a device was done using the IMEI number.


A new security feature in Android 10 and above restricts third party apps (such as m-Post) from accessing the IMEI.

This means that a client using Android 10 or higher can no longer use the IMEI to register devices.

Instead, on Android 10 and higher an alphanumeric Device ID is assigned when m-Post is installed.

The Device ID can be found above the username field on the login screen for m-Post, and it will be a combination of letters and numbers.


An iOS will become unregistered if the app was uninstalled.  Each time the iOS app is uninstalled a new registration number is issued. 


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