Installing a Site Certificate for a Post License

In this article, we will review the requirements and procedures for an authorized System Supervisor to install a site certificate for a post license. 

User Requirements

Only Authorized System Supervisors can install a site certificate for a post license. A GuardTek Support agent must set up authorization for you before you will be able to proceed. 

A GuardTek Support agent will email you a Site Certificate attachment. 

With this, your officers can log in on a desktop to write reports, start their shifts, etc.


How to Install a Site Certificate for a Post License 

1. Save the certificate to the computer that your officers will use.

2023-gt-us-img (508).png

2. Open the .p12 file (if your computer uses any access restriction, installing using “Run as Administrator” or having an admin or IT department run the installation) is recommended.

3. Click Next two times.

2023-gt-us-img (509).png

4. Copy and paste the password: 

2023-gt-us-img (510).png


5. Click Next two more times.

6. Click, Finish.


You will receive a confirmation message. Click “OK”.

The import was successful.

Your officers can now log in.

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