Why am I Still Receiving a Report that Does Not Appear on my List of Automatic Reports?

In this article we will go over the 4 part troubleshooting for the frequently asked question: Why am I still receiving a report that does not appear on my list?



An automatic report is still being received does not appear on my own list of automatic reports.


The report does not show under Automatic Reports. 


(1) The report being sent out was created under Automatic Reports by a different user and has not yet reached it's end date.

(2) The report is actually a notification.

(3) The Trackforce client terminated services but the automatic reports were not turned off.

(4) The report status was turned off for a different user.



(1) Locate the automatic email sender (located at the bottom of the report) and contact them to set the report end date.

(2) Turn the activity template notification off for the user. 

Please review the Resource Center article Managing Activity Template Notifications

(3) Contact Customer Support - support@trackforce.com and we will turn off the automatic reports.

(4) Forward an example to Customer Support - support@trackforce.com and we will locate the user(s) and we will turn off the automatic reports.


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