FAQ: Why is My Automatic Report Blank?

In this article we will go over the 4 part troubleshooting for the frequently asked question: Why is my Automatic Report blank? 



The scheduled Automatic Report was received as scheduled, however, the report is blank.


Recipient received the emailed Automatic report in their inbox, however upon review, the reports contain no data; they are blank.


Scenario 1 There was no reported activity in the previous 24 hours. 

For example, an automatic report is set up to go out daily but there is no guard reporting on the site on Tuesdays.  If scheduled for delivery on Wednesday the report would be blank. 

Scenario 2 The reported activity is still on the m-Post reporting device and awaiting internet connection to upload to the servers.  This may happen if the officer has no data or WiFi connection and logs off the m-Post app, basically holding the data in a queue for upload as soon as an Internet connection is re-established.  

Scenario 3 Some Activities were accidentally missed in the initial set up of the report or un-selected when a subsequent edit was made to the report.


Scenario 1 In this scenario there is no resolution - the system had no activity to include on the automated report and performed exactly as set up.

Scenario 2 Even if the device has an internet connection at the time of testing, have the m-Post user log off and log back in to receive an Authentication.  Verify in Logbook that the data has uploaded.

NOTE: You may need to manually re-run the activity report for the client and send it to them.  The date and time stamps will still be correct. 

Scenario 3 Make sure the specific reported activity has been selected to be included in the Automated Report when it was originally set up.


How to Verify the Specified Reporting Activity for Automatic Reports

To verify the specified reporting activity for automatic reports:

1. Hover over the Reporting Tool module and click Automatic Reporting.


2. Locate the Automatic Report in the Relates To column and verify the Activity Type.  If it is not set to AllEvents then the automatic report will only contain the one activity the report was originally set up for.


3. You can also verify the activity type the report was set up for by locating the Automatic Report in the Relates To column and clicking the green pencil icon in the Edit column.

4. You can verify what type of report activity was selected when the Automatic Report was first created by viewing the Report is for section.

In this screenshot example the Report was created for Tours activity only - any other activity such as shifts would not be included in the Automatic Report.


NOTE: You cannot edit the Report is for section in this window. If you want to include a report for Shifts and other Activities you will need to create a new Automated Report and select All Activities.

(For a detailed review of Automated Report set up please review the Resource Center article: Setting up an Automatic Report

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