FAQ: Why Did My Automatic Report Sudden Stop Being Delivered?

In this article, we will go over the 4 part troubleshooting for the frequently asked question: Why did my Automatic Report suddenly stop being delivered? 



The scheduled Automatic Report was being delivered but then suddenly stopped.


The recipient was receiving the Automatic Reports in their inbox, but then they suddenly stopped being delivered.


These are the four most common causes the automated reports suddenly stopped being delivered:

(1) Automatic Report Scheduling Expired

When setting up an Automated Report, there is a two-year limit on scheduling out the end date of the reports.

Verify that the end date has not expired in the Activity Template Details.


(2) The Customer "Unsubscribed."

If your client unwittingly clicked the unsubscribe link and accidentally verified it, they will no longer receive the automated reports. 

(3) Internal Company Spam/Filter/Firewall Changes

Changes to firewall protocols made by a customer's IT Department or email host can affect email delivery immediately.

NOTE: Updating and changing firewall protocols is common with all email systems. This is because so many ever-changing restrictions are put in place to protect customers from unsolicited emails.

(4) Suppression Lists

Sometimes you may not become aware of a customer's failed Automated Report emails for several days or longer.

If too many failed email delivery attempts are made, the Trackforce domain could end up on a suppression list(s).


(1) Automatic Report Scheduling Expired

If the end date has expired in the Activity Template Details, click on the green calendar icon and change the End Date to a future date.


(2) The Customer "Unsubscribed."

Re-subscribe to the client.

(3) Internal Company Spam/Filter/Firewall Changes

Suppose the customer's IT Department or email host suddenly changed their firewall protocols. In that case, the only resolution may be for you or your client to contact their email host to white-list and allow the delivery of their Automated Reports again. 

Sample email requesting 

Hello, IT or email host provider, 

Please ensure the following addresses are added to the Safe Senders "White-listing" list in your spam filtering service: 


(Please see the Resource center article, Trackforce IP Addresses, for a complete list of IP addresses and ports)

Also, please make sure there are no rules set up to stop the emails. Our end sometimes identifies this as a "Customer Policy Issue." 

Thank you for your assistance.

(4) Suppression Lists

Depending on the server(s) that has suppressed it, the email will need to be manually taken off the suppression list(s) by: 

(1) the Customer's IT department/Email Host
(2) by Trackforce (Your Customer Success Manager)
(3) by Both (IT Department/Email Host and Trackforce)


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