m-Post User Training - Adding a Tour (iOS)

This article will review how to add a tour using the m-Post app. We will also go over how to add NFC Tags and QR Codes.

NOTE: Log in with Supervisor credentials to add a tour on the m-Post app.

How to Get to the Add a Tour Option on m-Post

There are two methods to get to the Add Tour option on m-Post:

Method 1 Step 1. On the Quick Tools page, tap the Add Tour button.


Method 2 Step 1. Tap the Add Tour button. Tap the Global Navigation Menu icon.


Method 2 Step 2. Tap the Add Tour option in the 



How to Add a Tour on m-Post

Whichever method you use to get to the Add Tour page:

1. Tap the Name Tour field and give the tour an appropriate name.


2. Add checkpoint tags. 

There are two checkpoint tag options:  NFC Tags or QR Codes.

Tap either the NFC TAG button or the QR CODE button.


3. If you add NFC tags to the tour and tap the NFC TAG Button, you will access a Ready to Scan screen.


Hold the back of the device about 1/2 an inch (1 cm) from the NFC tag:


NOTE: The NFC reader in an iOS device varies by model, so you may need to move the device across the NFC tag to find out where the device reads the tag. 

If you added QR Codes to the tour and tapped the QR CODE Button, you will access the device camera.


4. The device will signal when an NFC Tag is read with a vibration or sound, and the NFC Tag ID# will display in the TAGS IN THIS TOUR section.

The device will take a photo of a QR Code, and the QR Code ID# will display in the TAGS IN THIS TOUR section.


NOTE: Tags added through m-Post will be sent to the Guardtek web portal under RFID / NFC Tag Management. A Supervisor must log onto the GuardTek web portal to access the tag(s) management.

5. Once the NFC Tags or QR Codes have been added, tap the green ADD TOUR button.


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