m-Post User Training - Logging in / Logging out (iOS)

In this article we will go over how an m-Post user logs onto the Guardtek App and then logs out.

NOTE: m-Post users must have an Internet connection (via Data or WiFi) to successfully log onto the app.  If the device is not connected to Data or WiFi you will get an error message notifying you that the device has no Internet connection.

How to Log onto the m-Post App

There are 2 ways you can log onto the m-Post App with an iOS device.  The most common way to log onto m-Post with an iOS device is to:

1. Tap the Username field and and enter your username.

2. Tap the Password field and enter your password.

3. Tap the CONNECT button.


NOTE: This is the same username and password as when logging in on a computer.

The 2nd alternative way to log onto m-Post with an iOS device requires that a UserID tag or badge has already been configured.  If this is the case:

1. Tap the NFC TAG button.


2. Scan the NFC Tag by holding the back of the device about 1/2 an inch (1 cm) from the NFC tag:


3. A blue check-mark will appear once the scan has been scanned successfully.



How to Log Out of the m-Post App

To log out (log off) the m-Post app on an iOS device:

1. Tap the Global Navigation Menu at the top left hand corner of the main page.


2. Tap the Disconnect option.



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