m-Post User Training - Notifications (iOS)

In this article we will go over what notifications are and how to view and complete tasks associated with notifications.

What Are Notifications?

Notifications are templates that can be setup in 2 basic ways. 

1. To notify specific individuals to complete a specific task at a specific time.

2. To notify specific individuals once an "event" has been triggered.  This keeps all interested parties informed on the latest happenings.

Notifications setup in this manner will distribute immediately, once the "event" has been triggered.

Most notifications in the m-Post app will be to notify officers to complete a specific task at a specific time


How to View Notifications

To view notifications:

1. Tap on the Notifications tab.

NOTE: The number of pending Notifications will appear in a blue circle next to the tab.


2. Tap on each entry to view the notification.


How to Complete a Task Associated with a Notification

If there is an action or task associated with the notification:

1. Complete the task.

For example:  this notification was sent to the officer to complete an incident report:


NOTE: Once the task is complete the blue number specifying the number notification(s) will subtract by 1 or disappear when they are all completed.

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