Communicating With Your Team (Android Only)

In this article we will go over the options for communicating with your team.

Emergency Messaging

To use the emergency messaging option:

1. Log onto your GuardTek web page as a Supervisor.

2. On the module header click the green circle plus + icon.

3. A secondary module header will appear.  Hover over the Messages module and click Send a mobile device message

2023-gt-us-img (410).png 4. In the Write a certified message to mobile devices pop up box click the Select recipients in the Mobile devices box.

NOTE: If you want to send an emergency message to all mobile devices click the Select All checkbox. 

2023-gt-us-img (409).png

5. Click in the Message field and type or paste your text message into this space.

6. Send the message by clicking the green Enter button at the bottom right hand corner.

Your text is immediately delivered to all of your GuardTek mobile devices .

NOTE: Mobile Users see the message and can respond immediately and the messaging logbook reports who responded.

Messages will be received and displayed on all selected Android mobile devices that are registered in GuardTek to your work post and powered on.

2023-gt-us-img (408).png

Push-to-Talk (PTT)

To be able to use this feature option to communicate with your Android users please see the Help Center article:

Push-to-Talk (PTT) Channel Setup



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