How Do I Reset a User's Password?

This article will answer the frequently asked question: how do I reset a user's password? 

How To Reset a User's Password

To reset a user's password:

1. Log onto the Guardtek web portal as a Supervisor.

2. Hover over the Settings module and click the Users option.

2023-gt-en-mpost-user_management-faq-reset_password (2).png

3. Find the user you want to reset the password for by typing in their last, first, or user name and then clicking the Search button.

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4. Click the green eye, Details, icon next to their name. 

2023-gt-en-mpost-user_management-faq-reset_password (1).png

5. Enter the new password into the Password field or select Generate to create a randomly generated password. 

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6. Select the greenEnter button to save the new password.

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