Ordering NFC Tags Through GoToTags

In this article we will go over the the NFC hardware and encoding requirements and how to order NFC tags through GoToTags.

NOTE:  You can purchase 3rd party NFC tags from various sources, however, GoToTags.com has partnered with us for years as our vendor of choice for high quality and reliable tags that are compatible with our m-Post and Patrol applications.

For compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, you will need to select the physical hardware and type you want and have encoding added to your cart separately. 


For maximum compatibility with iOS and Android devices, tags must also be encoded.
IMPORTANT: Without this encoding step, our iOS app will be unable to read your tags.

1. Use this link to select NFC Tag NDEF Encoding Service


2. For "Encoding Data Type", select "UID: NFC chip UID encoded as an NDEF text record". For "Permanently lock NFC chip?" select "Yes: NFC tags will be permanently read-only"
Leave other options blank.

3. Select a quantity that matches the number of tags you intend to put in your cart and then select Add to Cart.


Note: There is a 50 tag minimum for encoding.


Our system works with a diverse range of tags, but the two below are recommended. Select the NFC tag shape you will need from the below options and place the desired quantity in your cart.

IMPORTANT: The encoding quantity and tag quantity must match.

We recommend GoToTags' on-metal 30mm round token for tours, seen below.


We recommend GoToTags' PVC NFC Card for user IDs and badges.


Finalizing your order

Please click the cart icon mceclip1.png in the upper right of the page once you have added both encoding and tags to continue the process to finalize your order.

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