Reconfiguring NFC Tags and NFC Cards (iOS - Apple device)

In this article, we will go over the NFC Tag or Card criteria to reconfigure for iOS use, show some NFC Tag and Card examples, share where the NFC reader is typically located on an iOS device, cover downloading the NFC Tag Tools App, and go over how to reconfigure an NFC Tag or Card that was not pre-configured.

NOTE: All new NFC Tag and ID cards from Trackforce will come pre-configured. Only pre-existing non-configured NFC Tags or ID Cards will need to be reconfigured.

Criteria for NFC Tag and Card Compatibility with iOS

There are three prerequisites for an NFC Tag or Card to be compatible with m-Post (iOS):

  1. The NFC Tag or Card must be in an NDEF (NFC forum data) format
  2. The UID (unique identifier) must be written as a text record.
  3. The NFC Tag or Card must be locked for security

NOTE: If the NFC Tag or Card does not meet these criteria, you cannot scan the NFC Tag or Card with our app.

What is an NFC Tag and NFC Card?

An NFC Tag or Card is a small passive electronic device storing information. Their shapes, sizes, and colors can vary widely, but most often, the ones used for our application are either small round plastic disc-shaped NFC Tags used for tour tags with adhesive backing for easier mounting or plastic credit card-shaped NFC Cards used for ID cards.


Image 0.png           Image 1.png



Manufacture NFC Reader Schematics for iOS.

The NFC reader is usually in the center of the device toward the top or camera module. Apple devices with NFC readers do not need to touch the NFC tag or card physically and should be hovered just above the tag or card.



Downloading the NFC Tag Tools App

To reconfigure an NFC Tag or Card, you must first download the NFC Tag Tools app from the Google play store.

Install the NFC Tag Tools app on an Android device with an NFC reader.

Image 4.png

Type NFC Tag Tools in the search bar and install the App.


NFC App.png


How to Reconfigure an NFC Tag or NFC Card (iOS Apple Device)

To reconfigure an NFC Tag or NFC Card:

1. Open the NFC Tools App and tap the Read button. 


2. Scan the NFC Tag or NFC Card you want to reconfigure. (A blue checkmark will let you know the tag was successfully scanned.) 

Scan.png         1stSuccess.png

3. Tap the Serial number button and the Copy to clipboard option in the pop-up window. You will get an app upgrade option the first time you tap Save in the upper right-hand corner. Tap No, thanks! 

serial.png        copy.png        Save.png


4. Tap the back to Menu at the upper left-hand corner, and then on the home page, select the Write button.

Menu.png       Write.png

5. Tap the Add a record button, then tap the Text - Add a text record option.

AddRecord.png         Text.png


6. Tap the Enter your text field and Paste in the serial number, REMOVE ALL COLONS AND SYMBOLSand once completed, tap the OK option at the upper right-hand corner.

Enter.png         PasteIt.png

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remove all colons and symbols:

Paste.png         NoColons.png

7. Select Write and scan the Tag again until you get the blue checkmark.

    Write2.png          Ready.png          Success.png          

8. Scanning the tag will take you back to the main menu. On the Main menu, tap Write and then Lock tag, and in the pop-up Warning! box tap Lock.

write3.png         Lock.png        lockWarning.png




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