What size data plan should I get for use with m-Post or Patrol? (How much data do I need?)

Ideally, the data plan you select should cover all activities used on the device (other apps, services, etc.), not just m-Post.

However, in this article we will cover data usage of m-Post or Patrol only.
"Media" refers to photos and video.
"Text-based information" refers to information that is not photos or video (including, but not limited to: Comments, Incident/Activity Reports, Tour Checkpoint and tags, synchronizing information, etc.)


Data use varies widely according to how you use the system; specifically if you are using media (photos and/or video) and how often you use them. Due to this, it is very difficult to come to an accurate prediction of data usage. However, the following information can help provide you with a rough estimate of expected data usage, so you can avoid data overages and choose the most economical plans.


m-Post compresses and limits the size of media.

Maximum Size per file for file type:

Video: 8MB
Photo: 400kb

Using these numbers you can get a rough estimate of how many files you will be able to gather for an average 1GB data plan per month (30 day month):

Video: 125 (4 per day)
Photo: 2,500 (83 per day)

There is a very small foot print for only using text-based information and is often far less than 20MB.


You can make a usage projection to make a rough estimate.

I have a new site that is required to do 4 Tours a day (7 days) with 5 Checkpoints each. Each time they conduct a Tour they are required to take a picture of the area.
In addition, if they find anything out of the ordinary they have been instructed to fill out an Incident Report and take a video. I estimate that this Incident Report will be used 1 time per week.

Photo use: 4(tours) x 5(checkpoints) x 30(days) = 600 photos per month; 600 (photos) x 400kb(max file size) = 240MB/month

Video use: 1(video) x 4-5(weeks) = 4-5 videos per month; 5(videos) x 8MB(max file size) = 40MB


Projected data usage:
240MB + 40MB + 20MB(text) = 300MB per month


We further recommend you overestimate and add more data for periods of high use to avoid possible data overages. At a minimum 50% or more of additional data is recommended, but you should take into account any possible circumstances that might increase data usage.
Please remember to include the use of other apps and services you will be utilizing on this device to reach your total projected monthly usage.


These projections are based on content at max file size. Your file sizes will likely be smaller (Example: roughly 80% of all photos are compressed to 100kb or smaller).


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