Configure Equipment Condition Notifications

At the start of each shift, the user must enter the status of the equipment at the workstation.

You can add recipients to receive email notifications when equipment is reported as faulty, broken, or missing at one of your sites.
As with the usual notifications, you can create general notifications for all the equipment listed (via the icon in the column header) or individual ones, line by line (via the line icon).


1. Go to Onsite Equipments under Settings menu.

2. First, check that you're on the correct Site using the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner

3. Select the row of the equipment that needs a notification, and click on the Envelope in the Condition / Alerts column.


4. Then click on Add Notification.


5. The Notifications list lets you choose one or more triggers (via the two buttons on the left, All and None, for example).


Absent: the item is not at the Post.
Out of Order: the object does not work, either partially or totally.
Needs Repair: the object is functional but in poor condition (damaged, dirty, worn).


6. Then move on to the following field and click Add recipient. Several fields appear. Start with the Recipient profile field:

NOTE: There are three different types of recipients in this menu:

Guardtek user: a recipient with a user account on your platform (customer, agent, shift manager, supervisor, etc.).

Employee: is a recipient whose information is entered in the Visitors module as Employee/Resident. This option is useful for people known to the system who need to be notified without having a Guardtek user account—for example, a maintenance employee.

Other Contact: is a recipient to be notified but external to Guardtek—for example, a supplier or a customer.

7. Select the desired recipient type.

 Existing Guardtek and Employee/Resident users are in the dynamic Report Recipient menu. Otherwise, please use the Users or Visitors module.
In the case
of Other Contact, if it already exists, it will also appear in the dynamic list, but in the case of a new contact, select -- New contact -- from the following menu. This will display several other fields, allowing you to fill in all the necessary data.

8. If the selected recipient has no email address, enter one directly using the second Receive alert by field.
If an address is linked, it will appear directly in the second ad hoc field.


9. The first Receive alert by field lets you choose the desired means of notification: SMS, Email, or Text-to-speech (=a telephone robot will then read the call notification).

Note: At least one trigger must be selected before activating this list (see point 4).


10. Finally, click on Validate to add this recipient.
Repeat step 6 to add further recipients, or go on to the next step.


11. The following field, Email Subject, lets you define a text that will form the beginning of the subject/object of the email that will be sent with each notification.


12. When everything has been configured, click Save.

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