Consult the result of an Automatic Scoring Report

1. Go to Logbook page under Logbook menu.

2. Make sure you're on the right Guardroom to retrieve the Report with the drop-down list in upper right corner.

3Retrieve Report using the filtering option in left pane or simply with chronological search.

4. See how score is already shown in Additional Information column on the right.
Click on the line to open the Report in view mode.

5. General data common to all Reports (Name, priority, etc...) is now followed by 3 lines linked to Automatic Scoring Report:

  • Report Scoring: written result, Pass or Fail.
  • Score: result in %
  • Threshold: minimum score as set up to pass.

And 4 tabs to filter answers given in Report:

  • All Questions: no filter
  • Passed only: only correct answers
  • Failed only: only wrong answers
  • Partial only: only partially correct answers
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