Consult a Report revision history

1. Go to Logbook page under Logbook menu.

2. Retrieve then an edited Report and click on its line to read it.

3. In the new frame scroll down until you reach the Activity Report Revisions section after Report section.

NOTE: If Report has been completed in one session, only the Report section will be shown. This contains 3 base informations: the Post (or Guardroom) where report has been created from, the reporting user and finally Timestamp:


In the case where Report has been completed in several sessions, Activity Report Revisions section will chronologically list those adaptations with 4 informations:

  1. Users initials and its unique colour code
  2. User's full name
  3. Date and time of edit
  4. The action type.

NOTE: If the same user edits a Report in multiple sessions, his actions will still be listed here.

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