2022.02 I Anomalies in Training Management


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In this version we enhanced our training module, specifically the anomalies follow-up. A new page shows all anomalies related to trainings and allows for further handling.


It's crucial to know your team members have required trainings and certifications for the site they're assigned to. This enhancement provides a clear overview and ease the usage of the module.



Anomalies in Training Management

This update adds enhancements in Training and Professional Skills moules.

  • Several filters have been added to Training pages to refine searches per users, usergroups and roles 
  • Creation of a pop-up message to add courses
  • A new page called "Training Anomaly V2" has been created to allow user to manage anomalies related to courses, organise descriptions and download certificates
  • Attendees to courses can be added from Post through Training Anomaly V2 page
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