2022.04 I Locked Sections in Report Templates


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For this update we emphasized big projects you'll hear more about very soon. We've also added a new feature to restrict modification to report template sections.


In report templates some sections may be more critical. Users with unsuffisant role should be able to modify only some sections in templates - this is now possible to control.



Locked Sections in Report Templates

This update is especially useful for customers with a complex hierarchy structure or a site/guardroom organisation with multiple authorisation levels. This new feature restricts groups/sections inside report template so that they're only managable by authorised users.

It's important to note it only affects creation or template modification, not the report completion by an officer or supervisor.



Shift Declarations Tolerances

The enhancement is mainly for users of our grouped solution Guardtek and Smartforce. It allows us to show more options in Guardtek that were setup as shift declaration tolerance in Smartforce.

It's important for Guardtek administrators that want to understand to limits given to officers when they declare their starts or ends of shift.

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