2022.05 | Visitor Mode in Reports, Recipients list display


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In this update we added 2 new features to the activity report module. First allows Post user to open an activity report and transfer it to a mPost session in foreground, the second shows all persons notified by a report's automatic notification setup.



Visitor Mode in Reports


This update is meant to help reception desk officers equipped with a computer and a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to welcome visitors. Officer can initiate an activity report from the PC then assign it to the mPost user. mPost will immediately open the report so that visitor can fill all mandatory answers himself: signature, name, surname...


What did we do?

It's a feature activable per report individually. 3 simple steps are required to activate this mode in the report options:

  1. Reports must be left open to be completed
  2. Visitor mode must be active
  3. Reports must be assignable 

Most common use case when reception officer is equipped with a computer and a mobile device (tablet) to welcome visitors:

  1. From Post Officer opens a new activity report
  2. Officer can fill certain fields (Name, Company, ...) and then click to Submit for followup > Assign to in dropdown menu.
  3. He selects here the user (fictive or not) connected to mPost and clicks on Save
  4. This will instantly show the report on the mPost screen on device
  5. Visitor can then fill other mandatory fields and save by closing the report

This feature is currently only available for Android mPost.


Recipient List Display


Goal is to know other recipients of a same report, to avoid transfering it to someone that already received it.


What did we do?

Located under Settings > Account Settings > Preferences

Search for option called "Inclure recipient list" and activate it.


From now on all reports (based on their notifications) will display all recipients notified at the bottom of the report.

If interested by this feature, contact us to get the corresponding user right.

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